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Eh, this is something I wrote a long time ago ~

Pardon the SetoShizuka-ness... uh, but Varon wins. But, be warned, this was written when I was pro-JouMai.

They call Japan the land of the rising sun, but if you interpret the kanji, it could also mean the land of the origin of the sun. The origin. Where it all started—and where it all started was Japan.

Kujaku Mai watched as runway of her home country greeted her eyes. Her fiancé, Varon slept soundly on her shoulder and she absent-mindedly stroked his hair. As the plane touched on the runway, Varon woke up startled and screamed an obscenity. The mother with her four year olds in the row behind them did not appreciate it. Soon, her triplets were saying the word over and over again in an annoying sing song way. Inwardly, she wished that she could have children, but decided against voicing her opinion to Varon who had a cup thrown at his head.

In Tokyo Narita airport, Motou Yuugi and his wife Anzu waited patiently by the bathrooms while Kaiba Seto rolled his eyes and showed them his watch.

“It’s your fault that she’s pregnant,” Ryuuji Otogi snapped bitterly.

“Oh get your head out of your ass. Did I sit there and say right before sex and say, ‘Okay Shizuka, today we’re going to conceive our twins!’?” Kaiba rolled his eyes, after three years of marriage; he was still a bitter and sarcastic asshole. But, now he had someone to balance it out. He bent down and adjusted a strap across his knee that was worn over his jeans.
‘Flight 574 from Los Angeles has now arrived at Gate 51’ came a very soothing voice in three different languages.

Inside the bathroom Shizuka growled slightly. The woman who broke her brother was on that plane. She hissed slightly as one of her unborn children kicked her.

“Okay, I won’t be that angry at her,” she mumbled as she waddled to the sink.

Oh, how she loathed Kujaku—she didn’t even refer to her as her first name anymore. The way she called Jounouchi up and told him that she was getting married to Varon. She remembered that he had dropped the phone and moved into a shell and he never left it.

Her body shook with rage, but the moment didn’t last long because her other unborn kicked her. Rubbing her stomach, she proceeded to leave the bathroom to find that Yuugi and Honda were standing in silence and her husband was no where to be seen.


Her voice. She turned around and watched her eyes widen. As she approached for a hug, Shizuka glared at her. That one look stopped her advancement. Shizuka looked not at her, but past her and her half-wit boyfriend.

“Did Mokuba’s plane arrive yet?” She snapped at Yuugi, who knew very well what was going through her mind.
“Yes, Kaiba went to go meet him.”

Loneliness struck Mai, they weren’t here to see her, they weren’t here to congratulate her on her good news and Shizuka was looking at her as if she was the scum of the earth. Yuugi told her what gate number and Anzu accompanied her.

Yuugi turned and smiled at Mai, “What brings you back to Domino?”

Mai was thankful for his kindness, “Oh, no reason… I guess…”

Varon sensed her grief and wrapped his arm around her waist, “What’s the deal with the red head?”

Yuugi picked his words carefully, “She’s Jou’s sister. Don’t think she’s all that mean, she’s just extremely pregnant,”

Sometimes he wished Yami hadn’t gone back to the land of the dead. It just made Mai feel a little better, but still Yuugi had no clue how to tell her that Shizuka loathed her and the state that Jounouchi was in…

“Oh, who…?” Varon asked just trying to make conversation.

“Kaiba—” Yuugi replied, “Twins—”

“Really?” Varon whistled but Mai still looked like she was going to cry.


“Com’on! You knocked her up didn’t you?”

“No! She only looks pregnant,”

“Gee thanks Seto.”

Mai looked up and saw that it was Kaiba. The tall brunette looked at her icily as always, but from behind glasses. Mokuba had grown to his brother’s shoulder and wore his hair like the Jrocker who was formally called Miyavi.

Mai looked at Shizuka again, but saw that shock was all over her face, “Shizuka…?”

Kaiba turned around and looked at her legs as water dripped down.

“The twins… they’re coming—now…”

“I’ll take you to the hospital…” Kaiba retorted as he whipped out his cellphone.

“I need Jounouchi!”

Mokuba glanced at his brother, all Kaiba did was nod and tried to call Jounouchi’s apartment.
There was no answer.


Katsuya Jounouchi sat in a bar in some sleazy part of town drinking his heart out, hoping that he would choke on the hot whisky.

“I can get another?”

As the bartender handed him another drink, he suddenly realized that this is how his father started. All because of one woman…

He had loved her and in return she ripped out his heart. He looked down at the drink and let a salty tear drop in it. Who needs me? He thought, Shizuka has her husband and Mai—well, Mai just threw me out like a pair of worn out socks.

In the hospital, Shizuka grasped Kaiba’s hand as he whispered sweet nothings to help the pain.

“Where… is … Jou…?” she panted, Kaiba kissed her hair.

“I don’t know…”

Shizuka’s eyes changed focus and became extremely silent. Kaiba sighed, he knew what he had to do… whether he liked it or not.

Outside the maternity ward, Mai looked in the window to view all the tiny beings. So new and so innocent to the turmoil of life, Mai sighed and looked at Varon. She knew that she wanted him and only him.

Jounouchi took another shot and asked for another. By now, it was only two shots, but—there’s only so much a person can take.

Who needs me?

After his third and final shot, he decided to leave this place; he would probably go back to the park, where he usually spent his nights. Alone.


Suddenly, Kaiba came rushing out of the maternity ward.

“Kujaku, go see that my wife doesn’t eat anyone...”

“But…” Mai protested but Kaiba shut her up by replying, “It’s time that you make amends—it is because of you my wife feels alone because her brother isn’t by her side.”

Mokuba was going to complain about his brother’s comment, but he noted that Kaiba had a sad look. Ever since Mai’s last visit, he knew that Kaiba was spending a lot of time alone from his wife and even now, it is because of Jounouchi’s absence, his wife cannot have joy in bringing the product of their love to life.
Shizuka was furious, why was she here? Where was Jounouchi? She needed her brother now more than anything and now, because of her, he’s an empty shell.

“Kaiba told me to come here…” she told her. Shizuka just continued her breathing exercises.

“Where is my brother?” she demanded, the contractions were still an hour apart.

Kaiba slammed his foot on the accelerator and sharply turned the corner. He knew where that good for nothing was, and despite all the hate he stored for him, his wife needed her brother more that she needed him.

I would sell my soul for her…

He speed up and turned the sharp corner to find Jounouchi sitting on a swing in a park. He parked his car and pulled out the keys from the ignition.

Shizuka kept breathing and glaring at Mai.
“Look—I’m sorry…”

Shizuka scoffed, “It’s not me you should be apologizing too. Especially what you did to onii-chan—”

Mai flared up, “Do you ever stop thinking about what I did to your brother? What about Kaiba? He raced off to find Jounouchi, but all you can do is whine about how evil I am! Have you ever considered that maybe that you are so pre-occupied with your brother that for the past year you’ve been neglecting your husband?”

“Don’t tell me how to treat him—” Shizuka hissed as another contraction passed.

“Well! Think about it Shizuka! When was the last time you held him?”

“He works long hours!” she argued as the contractions came closer and closer.

“That’s not what it seems like,” Mai retorted, “Maybe you need to let go and start paying attention to him! He’s doing everything for you! The only thing you can think of is, ‘I need onii-chan’! And you think I’m selfish! You—”

Mai was interrupted by Shizuka’s hand across her face, her whole body shaking from rage and child-birth, “Don’t tell me I don’t treat someone I love right! Don’t! You loved Jounouchi, but you turned around and got engaged to Varon! You cheated on him!”

Mai finally realized why Shizuka was mad, “I—”
“You broke his heart! During DOOM you held Jounouchi’s body, but the night he was going to propose, he finds Varon in your apartment!”

The contractions were now only fifteen minutes apart.

“I can’t believe your sitting here Kaiba,” Jou commented as the two men swung on the swings.

“Well, I can’t believe I’m about to be a father.” Kaiba replied as he looked at the ground, “She needs you twit—she needs you more than she needs me.”

Jou looked at the younger man as he started to swing, “What do you mean?”
“She’s in labor and she’s looking for you—”

“But—don’t you need to be there?”

Kaiba laughed bitterly, “One would think,”

There was a pause and the crickets could be heard chirping.
“Kaiba—what about Mai? I know she’s in town—”

“She called…”

“Is that why you’re hiding?” Kaiba asked in a demeaning tone.

“Maybe. Maybe I don’t want to face the two of them together.”

“Listen, I hate you and I don’t care.”

“Gee, state the obvious why don’t you?” Jou barked at Kaiba.

“Would you let me finish dumbass? But, I’m not doing this for you, or Kujaku or Yuugi—you can’t live your life hiding.” Kaiba lectured, as he swung higher, “I finally realized that after I met your sister. I had spent so much time hiding behind an emotionless mask, that when it was shattered—it was when I needed it the most.”

“What the hell do you mean?”
“She’s so worried about you—so worried that she didn’t even know that I got into a car accident last month.” Kaiba answered, Jou was surprised, it wasn’t like Kaiba to feel lonely.
Kaiba regained his composure and stopped swinging, “Don’t be selfish. You actually have people to worry about you—even if they don’t love you in a certain way, go to your sister.”

“But, what if Mai’s there?”

“Get over it Wheeler, she's with Varon- and she's happy. It’s not like your sorrow will change the facts.”

“What?” Kaiba snapped as he dusted his pants.




The contractions were now only two minutes apart and some how Shizuka hadn’t ripped off Mai’s head. Suddenly another contraction happened, this was it—her children were coming.
uddenly, just like the dramtic soap opera’s Jounouchi appeared by her side.

“Jou!” she called happily, however Kaiba was no where to be seen.
Mai looked at the blonde in disbelief as he held his sister’s hand.

“Where’s Seto?”


Outside Kaiba lit up a cigarette—ah the sweet release of tobacco. He looked up at the sky and sighed, as long as she was happy. Out from the maternity ward came Mokuba frazzled, what a way to start of Spring Break.
“Why aren’t you in there!” he shrieked his older brother turned to him and replied, “Let her be with her brother for a while.”
“Plus you’re queasy around blood?”
Kaiba sighed, “Exactly,” though Mokuba knew better.
Suddenly, Jounouchi rushed out and panted, “She wants you there—”
Kaiba nodded.
After it all, Kaiba lay in her arms holding one child while Jou held the other one.
“They look like you…” Shizuka whispered, Kaiba laughed, “They better.”
Jou looked at Mai sitting there with Varon ogling the little creations and realized that she was truly happy, and that’s all he wanted her to be.
“Mai,” he called and when Mai looked up, he could feel that his heart was going to break, “Good luck being married to that.”
His head motioned to Varon who was screaming because one of the Kaiba twins had a lock of his hair in their small little hand. Mai smiled, and then looked at Kaiba got hit on the head.
"You were smoking!" Shizuka yelled, Kaiba winced and tried to cajole his fuming wife. She pursed her lips but then looked at him.
"I'm sorry."
"For what?"
"Needing you."

And was written when I was totally pro-Silentshipping.
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