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the mai & varon community

mai & varon~ :D
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Welcome to maivaron, the one and only community dedicated to the relationship between Kujaku Mai and Varon from Yuugiou~! :D Anything Mai/Varon related is welcome here, so feel free to post anything you'd like...as long as it belongs to you. D:
01} This community is for Mai/Varon stuff ONLY. Don't bring other pairings into the mix, because well...I don't want a wankwar. 8D Seriously people, just stick with the topic. Solo things are all right as well, but please keep things related to the pairing. :D

02} LJ-CUT. Really, people, it saves the souls of the damned. So please, do it for the children. If you don't know how to do it, the code is <*lj-cut*> without the stars. Then, to finish your cut, put <*/lj-cut*>, again without the stars. But then again, after I said no the first time, you probably figured that out.

03} All hentai/adult content must be placed behind an obviously labeled LJ cut.

04} DO NOT plug your community unless it has something specific to do with this one. DO NOT plug your RPG community here, we will beat you with the intestines of the innocent. :D

05} Plz, dn't tlk lyke dizz or i mite ban u, k?
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arcesso - neko
None yet. :| Talk to one of us sexy mods about it. 8D