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Okay, I've been browsing the interweb lately and I realized that there is NO shipping name for Mai/Varon. Now, neveryouonlyme being the smart kid she is informed me that this was probably since Varon was not in the manga.

THAT FUCKING SUCKS, NOW, DOESN'T IT? I mean, geez, Varon's pretty important to Mai's character in the anime, can they just leave that much of her character development out in the manga? It doesn't really make sense.

Why would they add a character, or an entire season, actually, into the anime that wasn't in the manga? I mean, it's apparently superfluous to them, so why make it in the first place? Or, in the instance that the anime came first (a rarity, but a possibility) why wouldn't you keep it?

So many characters become more mature, and SO much happens in the Orichalchos arc. You can't just drop and throw it around randomly.

In other news, I've decided Mai/Varon needs a ship name and we shall be the ones to name it. Any ideas? (Unfortunately, Sealshipping is already taken. It was my first thought.)
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